The Base

Ice cream can be a laborious process, if you let it. I personally prefer to keep mine as simple as possible. Often times, when making ice cream, I am simultaneously meal prepping, watching Netflix, and answering emails. Needless to say, my focus isn’t always on the milk boiling on the stove. Thus my personality prefers an eggless ice cream base. Simply put, I don’t always have the attention span to make sure the eggs in my pot aren’t curdling. If you do a quick google search on the different types of ice cream bases you will see that there are infinite recipes and opinions. People include everything from one egg to eight eggs, vodka, and cornstarch. If you have a base that you love, I say go ahead and adapt it. Who am I to say that one is better than the other? That being said, most of the ice creams that I make will have an eggless base, however don’t be surprised if time to time an egg slips in. It never hurts to mix it up.

Typically I like to prepare my base the night before and then let it cool overnight in the fridge. This also allows any add-ins to diffuse overnight. I then throw everything into my ice cream makers during my morning shower and then freeze it while I am at work for the day. By the time my dinner party rolls around that night, voilà! Homemade ice cream!