Golden Milk

I’ve become a bit addicted to golden milk lattes, the perfect alternative when it is too late in the afternoon for a cup of coffee. It truly warms you up on a gloomy, rainy Vancouver day. I could only assume that a golden milk latte would translate easily to ice cream since it is made with generally the same base. However, when I make mine in the afternoons, I only use almond milk, but I did decide to substitute in a bit of coconut milk to this recipe to give it some added creaminess. After trying this recipe, I think I hit it pretty spot on in a latte to ice cream match up. My husband would concur after gobbling most it up in one sitting.  I would recommend pairing this treat with a rainy day, and  maybe some bourbon.


1.5 cups heavy cream
1 cup whole milk
1 cup full fat coconut milk
0.3 cup honey

Golden Milk
1 Tbsp ground turmeric
1/2 tsp ginger powder
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/8 black pepper (or more to taste)
Pinch ground nutmeg
Pinch of salt


Shuck the corn and cut the kernels off of two ears. Add the corn kernels along with the rest of the base ingredients to a sauce pan. Warm the mixture on low heat and stir. Turn off the heat just before it simmers.  Do not boil. Transfer the mixture to a blender and blend until smooth. If you do not have a high powered blender, you may want to strain some of the corn through a strainer to get rid of the pieces. Transfer the mixture to a heatproof container and store in the fridge overnight to fully cool.

While you are stirring the base, take the remaining ears of corn and set it on a sheet of tin foil. Rub it in olive oil. Sprinkle chili powder on the kernals ( amount depends on how spicy you want it,). Zest the lime and add the zest to the corn along with the juice. Wrap the corn and barbecue for 20-30 minutes. Once the corn has cooled enough, take a knife and cut off the kernels. Cool and store in the fridge until fully cooled.

Once the elite and base have fully cooled, add the base to your ice cream maker and churn to the manufactures instructions. Slowly add in the elote and continue to churn until the ice cream has fully formed.

Refrigerate for a few hours.

Serve and enjoy!


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