Apple Sage

I’m just going to level with you on this one, I added too much sage and it came out tasting like a plant (hence the 1 cone rating). I’ve tweaked the recipe a bit below and recommend adding just a couple of sage leaves (I added several bunches like I did for the rosemary recipe-big mistake). I haven’t tasted the new version, but it has to taste better than mine. While I would recommend throwing mine out, I think with a few tweaks this could be good and would pair nicely with some homemade granola.

2 cups heavy cream
1 cup whole milk
0.5 cup sugar

The Rest
2-3 sage leaves
1 apple
2 tbsp sugar

Peel, core, and dice the apple. Heat a small sauce pan on the stove and add the apple and 2 tbsp of sugar. Heat until it turns to mush. Once cooled, place the apple mush in a heat proof container and store in the fridge overnight to cool.

Combine all of the base ingredients in a sauce pan along with the sage. Warm the mixture on low heat until the sugar has dissolved. Do not boil. Once dissolved, remove the sage and transfer the base into a heat proof container. Store in the fridge overnight to cool.

The next morning, add the base to your ice cream maker and churn to the manufactures instructions. Once the ice cream begins to form, slowly add in the apple mush.

Refrigerate for a few hours.



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